About the designer

Hey there fellow Earthling,

My name is Roosa, and I'm the creative force behind Maana Crafts.
My passion is to make beautiful and unique clothing with sustainable, natural materials, and bring my vision into reality. It is my way to take part in protecting our home planet. Everything I've learned from the world of crochet I want to offer to you through my crochet clothing patterns, which I hope will bring you lots of joy.

There is something raw and beautiful about creating garments using only three elements: pair of hands, yarn and a simple tool, which in my case is a hook-headed needle. It has been believed among most indigenous peoples that all things are alive and sacred, including human handiwork. I strongly connect with this thought - it signifies that by wearing clothes made by hand you are literally carrying the love and energy that has been put into those garments.
It makes me so happy it's becoming more and more popular to support handmade and choose sustainable options. In the past this was the default, now we have to relearn it. It also means, among other great things, more people having opportunity to do what they love. And most of all, it’s amazing news for Earth. 


Colors from nature - Finnish sheep wool yarn hand-dyed with wild plants and mushrooms

I learnt crochet from my mother, who is also a professional sewer. I'm deeply grateful that I've been able to receive the knowledge on handicrafts that have been passed on for generations. However, the most effective way of learning for me has simply been by trial and error. This technique has taught me so much about patience and perseverance!

Before starting my own small business in 2019, I studied nature, environment and sustainability for two years. I was building a better and deeper relationship with nature and learned to identify and use natural materials diversely. For example, I was fascinated to study therapeutic and medicinal use of native plants, and to explore natural dyeing methods. There was a long period when I was completely hooked on hand-dyeing yarn and fabric with plants, lichen and mushrooms that I had gathered myself from nearby forests. I can assure you it is a world of endless surprises.

Currently I'm studying Smart and Sustainable Design, majoring in fashion design. My interest is in circular economy and environmentally conscious solutions to the problems we will face due to climate change. I'm also passionate to combine traditional and modern techniques and understand how technology could help us gain a deeper connection to nature and ourselves, instead of leading us further from it.



Everything you find in my shop is designed and handcrafted by me. I hope I can spread inspiration to as many as possible and that I am able to guide you through your own creative process with my crochet clothing tutorials.

If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to reach out to me with any ideas, visions, or projects. If you're interested in ordering a tailored piece, please fill a contact form here.

Thank you for visiting my page. I wish you an enchanting day!



Roosa Lundström / Maana Crafts


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